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Kahoot, Socrative, Quizziz: Hot or Not?

Classroom technology to Spice up Formative Assessment

With the rise in digital teaching tools, as well as the increased interest in engaging students with classroom technology, the options available to teachers have expanded, too…which can be exciting, but a little bit overwhelming to figure out which one is best for your needs. A simple place to start is with online quizzes.  And, […]

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You Need to Know This Google Docs Research Tip

Google Docs is a great platform for student collaboration, writing, and teacher feedback.  It is what my students use for all of their written compositions as it is used in Google Classroom.  As students are writing, though, did you know that there is a power-packed tool to help them seamlessly integrate research, images, and even […]

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Save Time With This Google Sheets Grading Hack

Google Sheets Add-On Saves You Time

Let’s say that you’re a rockstar teacher and have created a Google Form to quiz your students or create a meaningful assessment.  Does the spreadsheet generated for student responses have you scratching your head in frustration or going cross-eyed as you scroll through all of those little boxes on the computer screen? I recently discovered […]

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Use Seesaw to Create Digital Portfolios

Using Seesaw to Create Digital Portfolios

When one of my office mates called me over during a prep period to show me how her third grade daughter had just posted a video of herself reading a poem she had written, I had to investigate what this classroom technology tool that allowed for parent involvement in the classroom and the creation of […]

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