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25 Best Quotes About Teaching

Quotes About Teaching - Lindsay Ann Learning

It’s usually right around this time of year that I start feeling what I call the end-of-quarter slump.  I found myself browsing for inspirational quotes, and decided to curate a collection of quotes that can apply to the teaching profession.  Here are 25 quotes about teaching that remind us what teaching is all about.   And […]

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Six Ways to Use Google Forms in the ELA Classroom

ELA Teaching Strategies: Google Forms

I remember when online surveys became a thing. Our department had a subscription to Survey Monkey, which a few ELA classroom teachers used to create end-of-semester surveys. I remember feeling excited about this, but it was sort of like the Cinnabon shop in the mall.  Sure, they’re good, but I’m not going to visit every time I go to the mall (no […]

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ELA Teaching Strategies for Small Group Discussions

ELA Teaching Strategies for Paired and Small Group Discussions

Small group discussions are a beneficial way for students to share ideas in an informal atmosphere that is, perhaps, not as intimidating as whole class discussions. As a teacher, it is important to consider the goals for small group discussions.  Is it to create or reinforce basic understanding or to extend student learning? Do you […]

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How to Engage Introverts in Classroom Discussion

Introverts in Classroom Discussion

In my latest blog series, I’ve been focusing on classroom discussion:  technology tools, whole-class discussion strategies, the big-picture, and goal-setting. As a teacher, I see all kinds of good and sparkly rewards that come from discussion. I feel like Sam-I-Am…would you like discussion here or there…yes, I would like it anywhere! It is a real-world […]

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