Save Time With This Google Sheets Grading Hack

Let’s say that you’re a rockstar teacher and have created a Google Form to quiz your students or create a meaningful assessment.  Does the spreadsheet generated for student responses have you scratching your head in frustration or going cross-eyed as you scroll through all of those little boxes on the computer screen?

I recently discovered an “add on” for Google Sheets that makes the grading/reading of your students’ responses so much easier.  Here’s what you do.

How to Save Time with Google Sheets Add-On: “Save As Doc”

  1.  Go to the “Add-ons” tab in the Google Sheets toolbar.Google Sheets Add-On Saves You Time
  2.  Select “Get add-ons.”
  3.  Become distracted with all of the great options for customizing your experience.
  4.  Search for “Save As Doc.”
  5.  Click on the blue “+ Free” button to install and “Allow” it access to your data.  As the description says, you will soon be able to save your students’ responses as a Google Document to make the reading of lengthy entries a lot easier.
  6.  Before you run the Add-on, I suggest hiding any columns that you don’t want to appear on the Google Document (i.e. questions that you don’t want to see) and also alphabetizing the rows according to student name (choose the down arrow on the column you want to alphabetize and select “sort sheet A-Z.”  This will help you tremendously when you generate your Google Doc because you will not be searching randomly for student responses.  On that note, I always include instructions on my Google Form name response question that students should put last name first so that when I alphabetize they are in the same order as my grade book – saves time later.
  7.  You will now see Save As Doc installed in your Add-ons dropdown menu.  Click “start” and type a memorable title in “Save Doc As” field.
  8.  If you want the headings from each column to appear (i.e. the questions from your Google Form) click “Include Headings.”
  9.  I prefer to select “Add a pagebreak after each row” because this ensures that the Google Document will start a new page after each student’s responses have been recorded.
  10.  “Select all data” and click the “Save As Doc” button.  Your Google Document will now appear in your Google Drive and you can save it where you will be sure to find it later.  You can now scroll through and grade/read with ease!

I hope this tip has been helpful to you.  Have you found any other add-ons that have been helpful?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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