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Does Writing Feedback Matter to Students?

Getting Students to Use Feedback.

What does a grade mean to students?  And is it possible to make feedback meaningful? Has this ever happened to you? The Dream: Released from the shackles of the grading beast, you are free. All of the hours you spent grading will be worth it when students consider your feedback. They will hold on to their rubrics, […]

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5 Types of Writing Feedback

Types of Writing Feedback for English Language Arts Teachers

Today, we’re going to get right down to business and discuss five forms of formative writing feedback and when to use them during class to save time. If you haven’t already checked out my post on characteristics of effective feedback from my grading hacks series, be sure to check it out first so that we’re […]

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How I Use Collaborative Writing in the ELA Classroom

ELA Classroom Grading Hacks: Collaborative Writing

‘Tis the holiday season.  Everyone is jingle belling and out shopping for presents and spending time with family and friends, but you’re grading another stack of papers…err…or avoiding grading another stack of papers. A colleague of mine speaks for ELA classroom teachers everywhere by saying:   When I am cleaning the house and end up (happily) sorting […]

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Six Ways to Use Google Forms in the ELA Classroom

ELA Teaching Strategies: Google Forms

I remember when online surveys became a thing. Our department had a subscription to Survey Monkey, which a few ELA classroom teachers used to create end-of-semester surveys. I remember feeling excited about this, but it was sort of like the Cinnabon shop in the mall.  Sure, they’re good, but I’m not going to visit every time I go to the mall (no […]

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