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Six Ways to Use Google Forms in the ELA Classroom
I remember when online surveys became a thing. Our department had a subscription to Survey Monkey, which a few ELA classroom teachers used to[...]
ELA Teaching Strategies for Small Group Discussions
Small group discussions are a beneficial way for students to share ideas in an informal atmosphere that is, perhaps, not[...]
How to Engage Introverts in Classroom Discussion
In my latest blog series, I've been focusing on classroom discussion:  technology tools, whole-class discussion strategies, the big-picture, and goal-setting.[...]
7 Free Online Discussion Tools
When I first started teaching, we had one computer in each office and each classroom, and I remember waiting in line[...]
10 Student Led Discussion Strategies for Whole Class Discussion
Do you struggle with student led discussion strategies? Been there; done that!  Before this school year started, as I was[...]
10 Ways to Make Sure Whole Class Discussions Will Fail
I'm stoked to write the second post in my classroom discussion series.  With school starting, it has been awhile since[...]
4 Goals for Classroom Discussion
This is the first post in my classroom discussion series, and the number of the day is four. I thought[...]
Benefits and Challenges of Modern Digital Classrooms
First off, it is important to establish a working definition of modern digital classrooms; don’t you think? In this, we shouldn’t[...]