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My Teaching Backpack – A Love Story

Just a traveling teacher and her backpack

Every teacher has his or her favorite go-to items.  I always enjoy hearing about what other teachers carry with them (literally…not figuratively because that’s a whole different blog post for another day).  I’m a traveling teacher, a.k.a. I walk between my office and my outside mobile classroom at least five times a day, so I […]

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Reflections on Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) and Teacher Collaboration

You know the feeling: it’s family vacation time and you’ve packed busy bags for the kids, have enough Goldfish crackers and juice boxes to keep them in snacks for weeks, suitcases stuffed in the back and under feet, special blankie and stuffed bear freshly laundered.  Silently, you remember the last car trip which led to […]

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Close Reading Analysis in the High School Classroom

With the onset of the Common Core, this became a buzz word quickly in our English world at my school.  Teachers argued about what it meant, wondered how to scaffold the skill effectively (we were in the midst of curriculum renewal), built it into courses, assessments, and rubrics, and trusting PLC’s (professional learning communities) to […]

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