Use Seesaw to Create Digital Portfolios

Using Seesaw to Create Digital Portfolios

When one of my office mates called me over during a prep period to show me how her third grade daughter had just posted a video of herself reading a poem she had written, I had to investigate what this classroom technology tool that allowed for parent involvement in the classroom and the creation of […]

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Why I Use Google Classroom

Why I use Google Classroom

Google Classroom is my home sweet home. After spending a few years in a serious relationship with Blackboard, then speed dating with Edmodo and Wikispaces, I have finally met a platform that I plan to stay with long-term. Although there is still room for improvement in Classroom (could we integrate a plagiarism checker? or multiple […]

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Teaching Students to Read: Set a Focus

Teaching Students to Read Complex Texts

Over the years, I’ve experimented with different ways to engage students in reading and writing activities, but in past years I would have labeled myself as a writing teacher more than as a reading teacher. Sure, I assigned different texts, and we discussed as a class and engaged in activities. The reality is, though, that […]

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